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From Russia With Love (pspe4all 0.2.108 internal alpha)
Characters size is now correct. Doesn't crash
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From: shadow
From Russia With Love (pspe4all 0.2.52 internal alpha)
ingame action from 007 game . Currectly it crashes after passing the first door
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From: shadow

pspe4all dead? not quite


Although probably haven't update this site for a while pspe4all is not dead but progressing quite slowly..


One on the major issues atm is the missing release of qt for vs2015 (only qt 5.6 beta is out and doesn't work that well still).


Our latest code is online at :  if anyone cares to take a look at it. atm it can only play minifire , helloworldpsp and a few more homebrew demos.


I will come up with more news once qt is released and we can finish the proper build for vs2015

So what happend to pspe4all ?

It's been over 10 months since my last post , so many of you might wonder , what happend to pspe4all ?


I am here to insure you that pspe4all is not dead at all , it's just under heavy lifting but what does that mean?


Our previous pspe4all attemps had a few issues (opengl 4 only support , qt dependant core , no 64bit support).


We decided that it might be a good idea to rewrite some stuff from scratch for eliminating all the dependacies and adding more features as well.

Current pspe4all beta have an plugin api for rendering and a independant toolkit (such as qt) system.

It is not very advance yet but we working towards that :)


PSPE progress (0.2.127)

Few images from the WIP texture manager . More to come in the next days...

News Images: img_02062013_171810.png


News Images: img_02062013_171819.png


News Images: img_02062013_171830.png


News Images: img_02062013_171848.png


News Images: img_02062013_205931.png

PSPE progress (0.2.108)

More updates from pspe4all emulator. Video from 007 again now character size is correct and game doesn't crash (at least from what i noticed)

pspe progress (0.2.52)

Just uploaded a video from 007 From Russia with Love that shows a bit the pspe progress. No texturing yet , but you can see the progress made ;)

PSPE - GE progress

Hlide here


Oh god, even nvidia opengl 4.x may be so picky when dealing with their new extensions. How many times i was puzzled by a black screen because of a lack of clear documentation about how to use such features.


About transform-feedback: i finally get a working version but i decided to put it aside for two reasons. First, it is not clear it is the fastest way to decode vertices because there are some overheads about setting it. Second, you can easily waste time to find a bug if you change something in the shader. So i wrote a software version of vertex decoder using c++ template. It's probably the fastest decoder amongst the existing ones but also the fatest as it generates a very big binary and makes compilation time a nightmare. Transform-feedback version may be back as an alternative but not so soon.


I started to write the renderer part using two extensions only available from OpenGL 4.x. One was quite picky until i finally understand how it must be correctly used. The goal is to have all the GE pixel operations done in the same way through the fragment shader, including: texture mapping, color doubling, color addition, fogging, scissoring, depth range test, color test, alpha test, stencil test, depth test, blending, dithering, color clamping, logical operations, color and alpha masking. You cannot do all those through the usual opengl pixel operations.


Honestly, i never expected for OpenGL to be so fastidious to code that I may be discouraged a great number of times because you can easily break something you thought acquired without knowing why.

PSPE4ALL: Development progress (r176-r182)

Hello, i am BlackDaemon, beta tester of PSPE4ALL. :)


It has been a while since last update, but for this time
there is some interesting stuff to mention - pspe4all finally
got working GE! :) Devs keep working hard on improving code
and implementing new features, i suggest you to take a look on
few screenshots (progress history) below:

Cube demo (r176/r180)

News Images: 1_r176_cube.jpg

News Images: 1_r180_cube.jpg

Morphskin demo (r176/r180/r182)

News Images: 2_r176_morphskin.jpg

News Images: 2_r180_morphskin.jpg

News Images: 2_r182_morphskin.jpg

Sample 6 - NeHe L4 Demo (r176/r180)

News Images: 3_r176_nehe_05.jpg

News Images: 3_r180_nehe_05.jpg

Reflection Demo (r176/r180)

News Images: 4_r176_reflection.jpg

News Images: 4_r180_reflection.jpg

PSPE progress (up to internal revision 152)

Well it's a long time since i updated this page but we are quite busy implementing several features on pspe4all emulator :)


I didn't give any specific details about the pspe progress so far , so from now on i will try to be more detailed in my further update reports :D


Now let's see what it's done on pspe emu so far:




A completely rewrote GUI with :

  •   Native fullscreen support
  • A Loader Dialog to choose between loading a UMD , or a memory stick , or a single PBP, elf file
  • Configuration Dialog for enabling/disabling some extra features
  • Orientation menu for rotating the screen by 90 , 180 ,270 degrees
  • Filters support (Linear , HQ2X)
  • A New Logging Dialog

Main Images: pspelog_152.jpg


HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer


  • A new abstract FS filesystem for local and UMD support. UMD supports the following formats , iso , cso , 7so (new pspe's format ) , dax
  • A WIP Opengl render with advance error logger
  • An Advanced memory manager with support for detecting memleaks and unreleased memory


LLE - Low Level Emulation


  • An interpreter version of Allegrex CPU with SSE implemented FPU and a few native x86 instructions
  • WIP GE engine written from RE code
  • WIP Kirk engine written from RE code


HLE - HLE Level Emulation


  • Basic Threadman code , total rewrite from previous pcsp emulator
  • System Manager module , rewrote to be more effective
  • Basic Audio module (sceAudio) is implemented and has the lowest possible latency (no double buffers like jpcsp)
  • Basic IoFileManager support for memstick and umd
  • Very startup support for the rest of the modules but this changes every day


For all of you asking when there will be a release , we haven't planned anything yet , but we will try to have a technical demo release before christmas so stay tuned for further releases

PSPE progress

Progress on pspe is slowly but some major steps have been done.


Vertex decoding part of GE unit is now completely done in shaders (well bezier and splines are still missing) using tranform feedback .

That provides more accurate emulation (and probably more speed) since all the other psp emus are using cpu to decode vertexes.

Major drawback though is that you need a opengl 4.2 compatible card to run pspe. This means that you need at least one of the following cards :


  • Nvidia GeForce 400 series
  • Nvidia GeForce 500 series
  • Nvidia GeForce 600 series
  • ATI Radeon HD 5000 series
  • AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series
  • AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series

Of course having a better card isn't an issue :D

We are now working to add the bezier and splines to the vertex decoder and then we will move to the rest of GE unit features  (lighting , dither , fogging ,texturing etc).


Keep looking the site for updates.


PSPE progress

Hlide here.


PSPE progress is quite slow. I'm working on the graphics engine emulation (namely GE) and learning about OpenGL features. My intent is to have a complete accurate and fast emulation of GE using some special features of OpenGL 3/4.X. But those features are quite new and demand more time to master them. Right now, I'm struggling with one feature (transform feedback) which refuses to work with PSPE whereas it perfectly works with a standalone program.


In fact, there is no reason to release a new version of PSPE as long as GE emulation is not advanced enough to allow some commercial games to run. And I fear it may take a long moment until we reach this step.


But PSPE is not dead. 

pspe4all announced

Welcome to PSPE4ALL emu. Enjoy some of the first screenshots . Stay tuned for further updates ;)



News Images: pspe4all_1.png


News Images: pspe4all_2.png


News Images: pspe4all_3.png


News Images: pspe4all_4.png


News Images: pspe4all_5.png

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